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I believe that pursuing natural beauty gives everyone a comfortable feeling of satisfaction. The world is busy keeping up with the trend, but just as the light of beauty turns on, Tobe's touch will make you shine with a beauty that goes beyond the trend that everyone can relate to.

Tobe's makeup is run by an artist with a Korean national technical license.

Microblading and eyelash lifting techniques are also based on Korean technology and style that never stops developing. The choice of materials and tools is harmless to the human body and continues to upgrade to the most recently developed and expert-verified products as well as being FDA-approved.

Labella Cosmetics is recognized in Korea for its most innovative and excellent productivity as a human regenerative stem cell product. It is currently available to customers in Korea, the United States, Brazil, and Australia. The reason you feel the change in just one day is because of the nominating effect of the Self-Renewal, Differentiation and Homing Effect which stem cells have.

Please visit our Instagram for more our works. @Tobe_Tent



Thank you so much for doing such beautiful work! You are very gifted. I appreciate the extra time and effort to make me look beautiful.


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