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Microblading includes procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and hairline and in particular, eyebrow work has several different techniques depending on the condition of the eyebrows and the design of the customer's wish. Final design will be determined after sufficient consultation with the customer. All procedures will be completed after twice of work including retouching.

There are three types of Eyelash lifting. There are basic perm, nutrition perm and black tint perm. We are using natural balm instead of glue. The suitable design will be determined by each customer's eye shapes.

1 cycle of Morivive is series of five sessions. The need for multiple cycles depends on the degree of hair loss. The speed of progress may vary from person, but many report rapid improvement can be seen with just one session. The treatment has very high level of customer satisfaction. New growth can even be confirmed with naked eyes.

More than 30 minutes late to your reservation will lead to cancellation. 

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