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The product sprays an abundance of fine particles of three highly concentrated patented ingredients (patents for hydration, moisture, and anti-aging) and 300,000 ppm of human adipose stromal cell conditioned media liposomes to provide instant moisture to the skin to keep it hydrated. Made in Korea.

보습,수분, 항노화의 고농축 3가지 특허성분과 30만 ppm의 인체지방기질세포배양액 리포좀 성분이 미세한 입자로 분사되어 즉각적이 수분을 공급하며 촉촉하게 유지시켜 줍니다

Cellcare Aqua Ampoule Mist 50 ml

SKU: 0010
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  • Spray evenly at a distance of at least 15-20cm from the face. After spraying the mist, tap the skin with clean hands to help it absorb the product.

  • Other mists are moist for a while after spraying on dry skin, and then evaporate and make the skin feel dry again, but this product doesn't. Not only does it get rid of dryness right away, but it also helps to tone your skin, so you can spray it several times a day. It's good to spray both before and after makeup.

    다른 미스트들은 건조한 피부에 뿌린 뒤, 잠시 촉촉하다 증발하면 다시 피부가 건조해지는 느낌이지만, 이 제품은 건조함을 바로 없애줄 뿐 아니라 피부 톤을 잡아주어 하루에도 여러번 뿌리게 되요. 화장하지 않은 얼굴 뿐 아니라 화장을 다 마친 후에도 뿌릴수 있어서 좋아요.


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