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A highly concentrated serum that contains four patented ingredients and 100,000 ppm of human adipose stromal cell culture medium liposomes. The product moisturizes and brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. Made in Korea.

4가지 특허성분과 10만 ppm의 인체지방기질세포배양액 리포좀이 함유된 고농축 세럼이 피부 미백과 주름개선에 도움을 줍니다

Cellcare Multi Solution Serum 50ml

SKU: 0004
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  • Gently apply an appropriate amount of the product to the skin by following the skin texture. Tap the skin to help it absorb the product.

  • It's a highly concentrated serum, but it's not sticky. It actually applies very tightly. If you apply it on your tired skin several times, the elasticity increases, and if you apply it on wrinked areas, you can see that it improves.

    고농축 세럼인데도 끈적이지 않아요. 오히려 쫀쫀한 발림성이 있어요. 지친 피부에 여러번 덫발라 주면 탄력이 확 올라오고, 주름이 있는 부위에 바르면 개선되는걸 알수 있어요.

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