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The product contains three patented ingredients (patents for hydration and soothing and preventing skin damage caused by air pollutants) and 50,000 ppm of human adipose stromal cell conditioned media liposomes to help reduce and calm skin damage caused by external stimuli. It has no white cast when applied. They also protect the skin from UV rays. (50+, PA++++) Made in Korea.

수분, 진정, 대기오염 물질에 대한 피부 손상 방지 특허성분과 5만 ppm의 인체지방기질세포배양액 리포좀이 함유되어 외부자극으로부터 받는 피부자극을 줄이고 진정시키며 자외선으로부터 피부를 보호해 줍니다.

Mild Perfect Cellcare Suncream 50 ml

SKU: 0007
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  • Gently apply an appropriate amount of the product to the skin by following the skin texture. Tap the skin to help it absorb the product.

  • It applies so well that you don't know if it's a sunscreen or a nutritional cream. It absorbs well, so you don't have to worry about losing your makup. It has the best sun protection.

    선크림인지 영양크림인지 모를 정도로 발림성이나 텍스쳐가 좋아요. 흡수력도 좋아서 화장이 밀릴까봐 걱정 않해도 됩니다. 자외선 차단 능력도 최고에요.

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